wowowowww this is the first time im seeing a hijabi in a music clip… is this a revolution wla shno??? :smiley: what do you guys think?

p.s: Amer Mounib is amazing, not just coz he made a clip like this but also because he has great songs.


There’s no revolution, they just like to break the habit.

“ethajjebti bravo 3aliki”


ooooowww thats soooo nice wellah… ethaggebti bravo 3liki… that’s so motivational and cute, thanks for sharing brov!!! loved it

I like the song too, but i don’t see why they made a big deal of it in Egypte, they just won’t accept the fact that someone is encouraging Hijab loudly…

3amr Adeeb (if u ever heard of him) brought it once as a subject of one of his show episodes, & he kept repeating : “i’m not with the song nor against it” <— that’s called hypocracy, why would u make a big deal of it at first place then :huh:

hmmmm that’s retarded, you know but at least they’re allowed to air such a thing, in turkey they would neverrrrrr allow it + that person who makes the video would be accused of trying to bring shari3a into the country and maybe even get jailed… it’s stupid

I didnt see amer’s song, but you reminded me of a song too Aicha and the director used to direct songs for Ruby :s (you must have heard of her, and she’s not from elharam btw yalli f bali :P)

It made a bit controversies here but I think they wanted to show that hijabi girl has the right to love and be loved too, not sure…


( rouby kanet f gam3et 3in chams … ya3ni hya moch men el haram … bs hya 3amla zay mat2ouli stancha2et el hawa bta3 el haram :stuck_out_tongue: )

[hawa elharam bas?! w hawa share3 mohamed ali w share3 3mad eddin :stuck_out_tongue: lol)

Cool lol but what r they making a big who ha? lol :huh: 7ijaabis arnt a different species you know so just coz she aint showin certain stuff doesn’t mean its bad, sheesh ppl these days :roll:

Thank you GIGI for sharing, i think she was really pretty, except i didn’t like her outfit, and yeah i can see why it was a bit controversial, but i like the idea of promoting hijab, either in this way or another, coz as mini said we aren’t a different specie, we deserve some recognition too :wink:

BY THE WAYYYY, WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG GiGi? don’t go for so long llah ykhlliki!!!

about the outfit, you reminded me of an egyptian movie where some hijabis wear hijab with tight jeans and short blouse…lol, i laugh when i remember the actor’s comment on that :smiley:

Anyway, what took me so long was mixture of studies and pc problems…
I’ll try to be here frequesnt, thanks :slight_smile:

=)) yes yes come more frequently bllleeeez :smiley:
we miss u!

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sorry didnt c this :smiley:
goooooood one :smiley:

ana sme3t enohom taradooha men el gam3a

[quote=LallaAïcha]=)) yes yes come more frequently bllleeeez :smiley:
we miss u![/quote]
i miss you too walah, i’ll try to, okay (anyways i intended to be absent during the match, u know :stuck_out_tongue: for nothing in particular anyways ;))

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sorry didnt c this :smiley:
goooooood one :smiley:

ana sme3t enohom taradooha men el gam3a[/quote]
LOOK, u’re talking masri now (am I contagious or wut? :P)
anyways, yeah they did, I was in ain shams too btw :stuck_out_tongue: (i think dina the bellydance was doing post-grad studies in ain shams, but rubi went another college!! not sure)

loool whyyy? noone was going to attack you here, we’re all sooooo friendly ;D

lol…no, i was just busy with celebration at FB and on tv. Dunno what’s gonna happen tomorrow!!!
whatever anyway :slight_smile:

aaaaah so wait a sec, is egypt versing algeria AGAIN? ya3ni i know there’ll be a match for algeria in sudan, but is it with egypt?? :open_mouth:

yeahhhh, and there’re some troubles still existing nowadays because of that too!!! Anyways tomorrow will be the day inchallah and everything will be settled dn hopefully :slight_smile:

ouffff nchallah kheir