Hi new translation for ????? ??? ?? ????? thanx

Hi if I can help me translate

??? ??? ??? ?? ???

Any help guys struggling to find these phrases anywhere help will be appreciated

my love dont be mad @ me it’s my sickness

? basically ?

Hi thanx I transeted ??? ??? in google translate and it came up ( ur sad for me)
Any ideas and also does this mean my love is not feeling well

Nice achminfar.

I would think either she’s crazy about you, or if she does have a sickness, she’s
doing something because of the illness

Thanx guys, now to annoy you again
How would I respond by saying are u feeling better and I’m not mad at you thanx shokran

or maybe here she wants to say dont be mad @ me it will make me sick? not sure bro…

Some1 said it meant don’t be Mad at me for not texting back??

yeah sorry it is the verb to answer (rad) not the verb to be sick (raDD)