Hi -New here Need translation help

What does Wakha 3ntla mowafa9a mean

Welcome Tom! Please introduce yourself.

To your question waxa means ok. For the rest you have to wait for somebody else.

Thanks for that - I have been to Morocco on a couple of occasions and loved the country and the way the people looked after me.

I have some Morocccan friends in Scotland and I am about to take some language lessons in order that I can communicate with them - in the same way they communicate with me in English. Just trying to be courteous and show them some respect.

Welcome to the forum, Tom. :slight_smile:

I think that you meant “3otla”, and it means vacation or holiday. I think the n in 3ntla was a typo.
So the sentence is:
Okay. Have a nice vacation.

If it doesn’t fit in the context, then give us the appropriate context to figure out whether 3ntla was meant for something else.

Thanks for the help SimplyMoroccan

You’re welcome, it’s my pleasure :).