Hi need some translation please

What does the following sentences mean - any help is much appreciated - thank you in advance.

yak ma nji

hadi nchri chi sandwitsh o nkhoude chi douche skoune o naase

7ssen lik

achno darnalike hata ntiya

rahoma f tagged a weldi

kayshabni tlaatlike f rasake he he he Kisbahti?


hamdolilahe… wahdarna lbarahe wowow plus de 2hrs …lhradra gaa maktsala maake

Mliha…mais katdrabe kase

Kijake Khouke

hade les photos hadi ynawdo liya sdaaa maa les amis ali kanrafe…rani haydthoume…stp bla matawdi taggini…hadi tkhasmini maa les american ali kanaarfe…hadi tjihoume la jalousi

Please help me think my boyfriend is unfaithful to me …thanks you so much…a very disperate girl!!

its not really an appropriate purpose for our learning community, and the post doesn’t have too much that we can use to develop our moroccan arabic-- that’s also not your interest as you stated.

i hope someone will send you a private message. you could request that. me i couldnt give you a perfect translation on the whole conversation so sorry.

Hi Please can somebody help me out and translate this for me please - thank you so much in advance!!!

lov u o selllem 3la faty!

Also what does this mean please please please - thank you so much!!! Safi mchiti?