Hi need a few words translated into arabic text

I miss you
I have fallen in love
How are u doing
I am always thinking of you

Thanx for the help guys shokran

ok here is my try the words are all correct, but maybe someone else can comment and make the phrase a different way

i assume this is from u to a girl

kidayrti ma3 lwa9t
dima kanfakar fiki

Thanx yes they are to a girl, would it be
Possible if some1 can write them up in Arabic text as her phone is set to that shokran

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i changed just kan7abbik (i love u) 2 b9eit n7abbik (i have come to love you)

there might be an even better way 2 say this in moroccan darija, but i just didnt want it to come across too sudden with just i love you…so your choice ??? ??? is the full phrase and to say just i love you ??? voila

Hey thatnx for that, this is brilliant
Also achminfar if u can help me out with this
Don think it’s going very well for lol.
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ummmmmm is your girl lebanese/syrian or moroccan? is she is from this area you have to speak to her in a different dialect, she will very likely not understand moroccan.

but if she is moroccan, it doesnt matter, she understands everything :smiley:

she says, my love what is your news, truly i am busy but truly i do love you

Hey thanx again achminfar
Yes she is moroccon and she is from tangier
We text each other by mobile
I take it she can understand any Arabic writing?
Also her phone is set to Arabic script as she dosnt
Understand any Englishh makes it hard for me as
I can only read Arabic but not reply
Only via google translate I don’t know if it’s any good lol

Is she saying what is ur news
As In what have u been doing??

yeah it means how are you, what is up with you…this is kind of funny…she thinks for some reason to write to you in a combination of fos7a and chami dialect you will understand better…lol

ok just let us know if you have anything else, hopefully some others who are better will stop by to help as well

Lol thanx for that, fos7a and chami diLect is this moroccon.

no it would be easier if she just writes in moroccan but she is writing in like i think a syrian or lebanese style and with some classical arabic…probably because these are more widely understood than moroccan, or she think you or whoever is translating for you is an arab that would understand these dialects better than moroccan…or because i think it is a little weird to see darija written in arabic script, i guess it’s not so common so maybe it is not normal for her…