Hi I have some words.. :)

chrajem ma7lolin drari fihom lghira
7adolik elniro dik sa3 ta7ti blarya7 o otesma3 sot lbambiro
these are from a nice song I heard.
I almost understood the rest of the darija in it. :slight_smile:

Can you post the song too please?
I can’t recognize some of the words!

The windows are open, and the guys are feeling jealous.

This is a tough one. :lol: It means something like the party mood, all the noise and joyfulness. But this is not an exact translation.
It could also mean a fight, or bad tension in the air.

For the rest, I need to listen to the song.

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Thanks !

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here’s the song I love it it’s called “ghetto” it describes how immigrants are treated I think it’s a bit exaggerated anyways
It’s by Akon and the two moros are yes-r (rapping in dutch) and ali-b (darija)


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I am trying to figure out what those words mean. I have no idea about elbayro and elbambero, they sound like Spanish words, but I couldn’t find them.

Elkala is most probably a7yâ2 aSSafî7. Do you have these in Jordan?

Dîk ssaâ3a= and at that time.
Ta7ti blarya7 = Getting high because of music :hap:… Something like that actually, it kind of involves jinn.
Otesma3 sôt lbambiro = And you hear bombs’ sounds?

I hope that helps, I am not quite sure of everything, it was way too fast.

yeah i’ll keep it until i’m bored of it :smiley:

Thanks for helping yes it was fast :wink:

and yes you can find a7ya2 essafi7 here thanks for telling me :slight_smile:

shukran bzzaf

La shukra 3alâ wâjib :).

El barrio means The neighborhood in Spanish( note El Barrio usually refers to the more to the sland phrase “my hood”) I am wondering if il bambiro is actually el vampiro…which means The Vampire.

Thanks Ayita, I tried to look those words up in Spanish, but I spelt them wrong.
Is there any other alternative for elbambero? Because in the context, it’s something making noise, with a sound…

There are a couple I can think of… Unfortunalty I cant hear any sound at work… As soon as I get home I will listen to make sure of the word. But for now according to your description I can think of these.
bombero… fireman
It could be refering to a fire truck
or bamboleo…which is a kind of noisy party.
There is also Bombeo? which is bombing…

I go for bombero, but I am not sure though.

:ty: sorry for the late reply