Hi Everyone Need help with Translation....

3yet lik hakda harfiya gol twahachtak gol brit nchoufak ola safi tla3t lik f rass oui chéri rani kount f lkhadma c est pour ca majawabtakch alors mon anniversaire le jeudi 21 janvier et j espere bien entendre ta voix ce jour d accord a zin twahachtak mout mazal mahdakch lah tsift liya la photo mille biz

i called you like that harfiya {not sure what that means in pieces or smthing??} say i miss you say i want to see you or forget it you got upset {i think? tla3t lik f rass, or it might be you forgot} yes my dear i was at work its for that reason i didnt answer you soooo {awkward subject/language change :P} my birthday is thursday 21 janvier and i hope to hear from you on that day ok beautiful i miss you so bad you still didnt send me a picture thousand kizzez

Just “i called you” like that ?! say i miss you , say i wish to see you, or have u had enough of me already?
yeah my dear, i was at work that’s why i didn’t answer your call, so…my birthday is Thursday, January 21st & i so wish to here your voice on that day, ok baby, i miss you…still don’t wanna send me your photo ?
1000 kisses

  • That’s probably a written phone message.

nice much better

harfiya and tla3t lik f rass those are good ones

??? he has her phone number but has not seen her photo? interesting stuff …

bergaga :stuck_out_tongue: