Hi everyone! I'm new here, can you please Translate for me?

Hi all!

I am a los angeles native, and new to the forum! Glad I found it too because if you could help me translate this that would be great. I need to say these three sentences in moroccan or Tamazight. They are all said to a man I don’t know:

Where are you going?

Inside. We have water and food.

Consider me the lion.

Also I may need the pronunciation listed next to it? Unless they are said as they are spelled.

Any help you could offer would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

Hi & welcome with us :slight_smile:

Transtalion into Moroccan arabic(Darija)

Where are you going?Fin ghadi(m)/ghadya(f) -( ??? ???(???)/???(???
Inside. We have water and food. Dakhel. 3andna lma ou lmakla - ??? ??? ??? ? ???
Consider me the lion.Katchouf fiya asbe3-??? ?? ???

Did you get your answer in time? Did the audition go well or it was too late when you got your reply here?

Thanks Anisa for helping out.