Hi Can someone please translate these works for me please?

Hi all hope everyone is ok!

Could you translate some words for me please?

hiyed idik


andrab d** m****

thank youuuuuuuu!


hiyed idik = Get your hands off (something/ a person), as in don’t touch.

andrab d** m**** = I’ll hit you, except that the “you” part was said in a vulgar way.

SM it would be nice if you let us see what the d and m words were :smiley: so if we are insulted one day with these words, we can at least know!


thank you :^^:

i hope i’m not breaking a rule to not translate cussing…well, it looks 2 me like the two words are that one moroccan curse that means literally, ‘the religion of your mother’. to say it though, doesn’t literally mean that you are referencing said religion, just that you are showing great disrespect. though maybe it doesn’t sound so bad in an english/american context, it’s a VERY coarse thing 2 say in an arabic/moroccan context, and you will offend someone very deeply if you say it. i won’t write it in arabic, as it’s already been edited once!

ok i get it :smiley: i was wondering why SM put 4 stars at the end of m**** rather than 3… i’ve heard different versions of this cuss phrase and boy o boy it isn’t NICE AT ALL!
At the end of the day it’s useful to know these, not so we can use it, but so we know when someone else has insulted us… ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO MOROCCANS! :hap: i joke =)

thx SM and achminfar9