hi can anyone help me to translate

hi, i’m new on this forum and from France. My sweetheart is living in Morocco and i wish i can learn some of it, but for now she sent me this and i don’t know what she means :

“good Morning hbiba dyali ! Matasltich bya al khaybb ?!”

can you help?

hi charlito. i can’t help much, but i can tell you that “hbiba dyali” means something like “my beloved”
hbiba means “beloved” and is used to address a female (hbibi would be used to address a male)
dyali is a possessive word, like “my” or “mine”

i think! you’ll have to wait for someone else to translate the whole thing for you, though!

Hello charlito76. Welcome to SpeakMoroccan. Please feel free to introduce yourself again in the new members section to let others welcome you as well :). You can use French as well, on le parle aussi par ici.
And welcome to you too magnolia :). You are right for hbiba, but it’s used as a cute/affectionate way to call even guys.

Now here is the translation:

Good morning my beloved/sweetheart. You didn’t call me, you naughty?!

thx a lot, merci à vous.

sounds like i forgot to give a phone call…

so i guess “matasltich” is built like “mafemtich” = “you didn’t understand”

so i guess “ma” is for “not” and “tich” for “you”

am i right??

Exactly, bien vu!

The negation is built with mâ + verb + sh ending
The ending for you is i.

Fhm = To understand.
Fhmtî = you understood.
Mâ fhmtîsh = You did not understand.
Fhmât = She understood.
Mâ fhmâtsh = she did not understand.

I hope it’s clear.