hhhhhhhhhh…watched these stuff long time ago in VCDs

u guys ever watched Shrek in Darija ? you should :smiley:

shrek in darija?! lmao i sooo wanna now lol

i absolutely love those videos, and the tom & jerry ones are always my favorite! :stuck_out_tongue:

i think i wanna watch shrek in darija…it’ll definitely be interesting lol

yeah i used 2 have a bunch of vcds of stuff like this 2…there was one with ali g…dubbed into darija…so crazy even if i couldnt understand the half hahaha…what do we call this kind of dubbing thing? fo9aha? or is that just the brand name of one guys vcds???

looool Thanks Ach :wink:
I love Tom&Jerry … but usually they don’t speak at all :stuck_out_tongue: Good to hear them lool

hehe…Fo9aha actually means researchers & experts in religious matters. specifically Islamic.
It’s Fookaha = Comedy/Sarcasm.

About Shrek, i have it on a VCD, but i’m sure it must be on one of those Moroccan “fo9aha” sites (there are many many of them)…otherwise, i’ll find a way to upload it to Youtube (if it’s not already on there)

lollllllll word

tom & jerry = me and my bro