hey!!! this is soooo important to me :(

ive got this, need translation asap!!!
there are bits in moroccan I need to know what it means
" When you asked what am doing i said am looking after my friend baby and than you said ohh she in Love o kolt li 3okba liya how dear you send me a message and tkoli 7choma 3lik"

god bless that person who helps me with that
thx thx thx!!!

o kolt li 3okba liya = and said to me “3okba liya” *

tkoli 7choma 3lik
= you say shame on you

  • the expression here pretty much means something close to the english “and good luck to me” or “all the best to me”, as in the person is next to also achieve or accomplish what the other person has succeeded in doing. Hope that makes sense.

I appreciate your time and effort so much. thx.
you’ve done a good job cuase the whole thing is just not very easy to follow.
thx LallaAicha!