hmmm. sorry for all the posts, I just can’t find the meaning of this word:


I have seen it in a few contexts, but without any obvious, distinct definition. I’m sure I’m just missing it. Any help?

I have a few more words like this. Even when I use the search feature, I have trouble understanding. Could someone please explain or if possible translate the words in the following list:

heta (as above)

ta (as in ta nti 3andak)
fik vs. 3lik (do these both mean to you, in you, or what?)

Shoukran bzzaf!

ta and heta and 7ta and 7eta and 7eit are all the same…it means like ‘even’ or ‘also

example: ta nti 3andak - even you have it

chi means ‘some’ or a ‘measure of’ something

example: chi chouia dial khobz - a little bit of bread
chi 7aja - something

bhalak means ‘like you’ or ‘with yourself’, or ‘totally

example: kandiro b7alak - ‘i do it like you’

sir b7alak- get out of here with yourself (this is basically interchangeable with f7alak as well)

sir is a command it means to walk or to go, for a feminine command you would say siri. it’s rude i wouldn’t generally say it to anyone older than you. also it sounds like seeer. not sir like yes sir.

- maybe you could say in you
3lek - maybe you could say upon you or on you

however, as in most languages, prepositions don’t match up exactly. you just have to know which one is appropriate in which sentence from practice and experience.

wow! Thank you for such a thorough explanation!!!