Henna terms help!

Hello everyone

I was wondering if anyone has a list of henna terms available - such as the name of the lemon/sugar mix used to seal the henna, any names of implements and ingredients, that sort of thing.

Thank you in advance.

lemon/sugar mix???
last time i saw henna mixed
they put gas in it
i swear

they just call it gas

You’ve seen gas used to seal the dried henna to stop it from falling off and cracking?


The perfect one to ask would be our SM. She would probably give you a 5 paragraph answer with pictures, that’s right up her alley. I suggest sending her a personal msg (by going to the main forum page, then clicking on the tab User List, then finding Simply Moroccan, then clicking on the link ‘send email’. That might bring her around.

Alternatively Tafoukt or MarocRulz or maybe Darija Lover could answer this question, they stop by every now and again, so I hope you’re not in a rush; if you are, you should PM them all!!!

gas was mixed with henna
and then no need to seal it afterwards
quick solution