Hi everyone! I’m thinking this may be a joke but I’m not sure, it makes no sense to me so if you guys could please please PLEASE help me out and help me maybe get some bragging rights it would be awesome! Does the following mean anything at all?

kjagslkfglsjkdfhg dljhdsg lol translate sweetheart

I’m not sure if he is trying to be funny or if it really means something…thank you for your help!

It means that someone’s playing with the keyboard…I can’t see any correct word here.

i had a feeling he was just messin with me…thank you!:ok:

No problem CrazyD…

grrrrrrr im gonna have to harm him lol

kjagslkfglsjkdfhg dljhdsg hell nooooooooo thats exorcism :no:
hhhhhhh JK
tht doesnt make sense in any language :smiley:

lol he’s sooooooooo bad i told him i could decode anything and he was like ok translate this hmmmmm MEN! MOROCCAN MEN! :fouet:

ah ok i c now … 3 things u dont have to mess with :
the mother nature
the mother in law
and a motherfucking moroccan :^^:

ps- tell him : " wa 9ari demyaté m3a rassek lol " thats a cool answer :wink:

lol so true so true…i will tell him but can you tell me what i’m telling him? so i’m prepared?

You’re telling him: “Shoot me”…

:blink: :blink: :blink:

i’ve seen this kind of darija before, generally the speakers i’ve encountered with this style of communicating are retards who are asking for a hammer hit on their head…

don’t know about your encounter though :^^:

well now that makes sense lol he’s not a retard but i would love to oblige him in the hitting him in the head with a hammer part…thank you

lol yeah don’t they all need one of those!! if you need help in lifting the hammer, u know where to find me :stuck_out_tongue:

You bad girls…

bad girls? it’s the boys who need discipline that are bad, we’re innocent wellahi :hap: