Help with translations please :)

Hey! Would someone be able to help me translate 2 things please?

  1. 3oliya a 3chiri lah yhafdak b9at binatna 170 7ayad manha 30 dyal lyouma t9adya dyal farhqt iu flousa a 3chiri li khdit mam 3andak i9bila b9at 140$ ta9dar a khouya simo ta3tinu manha chu haja rak 3araf daba khouk 0$ kanti 3alti liya ghir iwaslouk flouss ta3tini ou hchamt n3oulha lik a ba simo mais wlah hta ana nachaf kou kanat 3andi wlah manakhodhom a khouya simk

Oui ban ana ba9j fay9 walou n3ass a l3zawi

Bach makan a 3chiri jawbni 9bal matn3ass il a makantich ghadi tji lah yhafdak bach il a makanch 3andak ncjoif mnin ndepanner wakha ghir 70$ binma wsal mardi

  1. Wlah 2rafti rani m9awadha dyal bssah wlah makraht abdou izidni ghi3 nhar ou ghadi n9alab 3la chi hajq khea hit a khouya lea9t tidouz ou daghua iwsal juillet ou mabaghich nbqn dari sghir 9odam dar ou la famille dyal madame


Hi there!

“Hi buddy (male). I gave you $170, from which you can deduct today’s $30 for groceries (?) and the money you gave me earlier. So the amount left is $140, brother simo. Can you please pay me back some of it? I’m really broke, you know, $0. You told me that once you receive money, you’d pay me back. I am embarrassed to ask for it back, buddy, but I am really, really broke. If I had money, I wouldn’t ask for anything back, brother simo.”

“Yes, I am still up buddy.”

“Please let me know either way before you go to sleep. Let me know if you’re not coming, please, so that if you don’t have money, I’ll have to work something out, even just $70 until Tuesday.”

“You know, I really messed up. I really wish Abdou would give me even just one extra day so that I can look for something else. Time flies and it will be July before you know it, and I don’t want to look bad in front of my family and my wife’s family.”