Help with translation

Hello. I am from India and do not speak, read or write Arabic. I want to send a short note to a good friend (woman) in Morocco. Can you kindly translate it for me? Here it is:

“My dear friend, I know very well the trouble you are going through now. I hope and pray that God gives you the courage to face them. If there is anything, just anything you want me to do, any help, please feel free to ask. You are a wonderful person and I want our relationship to remain forever. Take care and God bless.”

Many thanks in advance for the help. If my friend replies, I might come back for a translation of that.

Hello Jack and welcome to the forum. Please drop a line in the new comers forum, we’ll be glad to know about you.

Now how do you want that translation? I assume you want it in Moroccan Arabic and written in Arabic letters? Let me know.

That was pretty quick SimplyMoroccan. Appreciate it. No, no. I want the translation in Moroccon Arabic written in English letters as I wouldn’t be able to type it in Arabic script. Many thanks.


“Sa7bti l3ziza. Ana 3arf mzyan lmashakil lli 3ndk daba. Allah y3tik ssbr bash t7llihom kamlin. Ila kayna shi 7aja, ayy 7aja, nqdr ndirha lik, 3afak gouliha liyya. Nti insana ra2i3a, w bghit l3alaqa dyalna tbqa dima. Tehellay f rask”.

Literal translation:
“My dear friend. I know very well the problems that you’re having right now. May God give you patience to solve them all. If there is something, anything, that I can do for you, please let me know. You are a wonderful person, and I want our relationship to remain forever. Take care”.


  • You can skip the “my dear friend” part, as the word “sa7bti” may refer to “girlfriend”.

Many thanks…SM.

Ramadeen kareem.

Can you please suggest a good message I can send to my friend (woman) in Morocco during this holy month? I want it in Darija and the text in English. Many thanks.

Check if this suits you.