Help with translation to English please friends

Iwa chno hadchi

Rah kent kanhder m3a wa7ed khona flkhdma salit 19it msg dyalk

Hhhh wmh ma chi haja nmchi I dar onglk


Mchit khalas I Wi-Fi 19ito 3amr galt an7tlk I floos fl compt onga tkhlss en linge

Dik sa3a golihali 3lach at7eti Ifloss f compte

Bach tkhlsssd

3ndi asslan f compte ana dima kankhless bih ari ghir Id

Whadchk 3lach drt bn9aasss

Ms rani khlsst



Kon ghir geltiha

Hadchi liii mabghiiitch

Db malk gha gollili mlk wach bghiti chi tercha

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What is this
I was talking to someone in work, I saw your text after I finished work at 19pm
[laugh] I will tell you when I go home
I went to pay WIFI bill but it was very crowded I told you that I will send money to your bank account so you can pay it online.
Then tell me why you wanna deposit money on my account
To pay
I already pay with my bank account just give the bill ID
This is why I thought that was useless
But I paid it
damn, why you didn’t tell me
I didn’t want to
What is your problem now do you want a slap on your face [Very romantic expression even it does not seem like that, aka Moroccan culture]

Thank you so much brother :heart:

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Can someone also translate these?

-Feen a Shaima
-Ash Nina Olin had lhadra