help with translation please

mratek radi tmout belrira

Ra mratek hersatli rasi f facebook 3lach kathedri m3a silo rah ragli khaski tehtarmi
3alaka dyalna kont radi nt3esb m3aha gatlek makhasna nhedrou bezef m3a
Be3diatna ktebtelha bach matekhle3ch bi ank bhal khouya w makhashach trir monim raha fehmat. Thala frasek w 3eytli ok.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi :).

“Your wife is dead jealous!
Your wife really annoyed me on Facebook, telling me “why are you talking with silo? You have to respect our relationship”. I was about to respond angrily to her, she said that we shouldn’t be talking a lot with each other. I wrote to her - so that she doesn’t get worried - and told her that you are just like a brother and that she shouldn’t get jealous. Anyways, she understood the point. Take care. Call me, okay?”.

I think silo is a nickname/name.

Hi! i just had a grammar question.It is about the usage of the preposition ra.
I the text you trnaslated there are some examples; could you explain, please?


ra is more like a verb than a preposition. It’s used for “to be”. But just like “3and” it’s not a real verb and “conjugated” with possesivsuffixes.

Thank you for the explanation, Nuwwara. Let me add a little touch…
You use “râh” to make a statement. It’s more or less an equivalent of: “The thing is…”.
Etymologically speaking, and please bear in mind that I am not a linguist, I think that it comes from the MSA verb: ra2â, to see. Râh = It/he is seen. So it’s like introducing a fact that you are sure about or witnessed.
Don’t let this mess up your mind, and take it as I said, as a way to introduce a statement.
By the way, it does get conjugated:

Rânî mâ jâyyâsh = I am not coming.
Râhâ m3âya = She is - in fact - with me.

I hope that it makes sense. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to ask again.

thanks so much for the very quick response earlier today!

That was actually yesterday, according to the local time :hap:.
You’re welcome anyway :).