Help with Short Business Email to Moroccan Company

Hello Sbai

We are a HP reseller and preferred business partner in the U.K.
HP recommended that we purchase a HP Care Pack from you.
Our customer (x) is soon to receive delivery of a DesignJet 510+ machine. The machine will then be moved to Morocco.

Please can you give me a reseller price for a HP Care Pack for this machine as follows:

HP Care Pack Type: 3 Year Next Business Day on Site Warranty (NBOS)
UK Part Number: UK900E
Machine: DesignJet 510+

We will place the order with you this week (as soon as we know the serial number of the machine being despatched by HP distribution).

Kind regards

And what kind of help are you expecting? Certainly not a translation of the e-mail into Moroccan Arabic. French maybe?

Hi there - sorry I wasn’t clear - I wanted, if possible, for someone to help me translate this into “Moroccan” as the chap I’m contacting has limited English. I wasn’t sure whether it should be French or Arabic as I have no experience of the Moroccan language other than the main free translation language sites don’t list it!! I wasn’t sure if the language was a mish mash of French/Arabic rather than straight French?!

Moroccan Arabic is Arabic. It’s written in Arabic letters, and over the Internet people transcribe it in Latin letters. But it’s still Arabic, despite the looks. It’s not used in formal communication.
You can send your message in formal Arabic, or in French.

OK thank you - I guess I’ll do it in French then :slight_smile: