Help with Moroccan translation please!

Can someone help me with the following and what they mean. Spelling may not be exactly correct:



hada 3mou

a aji nata

be9a me3aya

oumalek 3liha



mohim walid baghi fertek jou9a

diria choftha 3 andrha

ghaybeti = i think it’s ghayebti, & it means “you were abscent” or “you’ve lost concsiense”. (check the speling)

achouf = i think it’s a chouf & it means “see! / look!” , achouf would be egyptien, & it means “i see / i look”

hada 3mou = hada is “this is”, 3mou ?! not sure…

a aji nata = aji “nta” & it’s “come here / you come / come on”

be9a me3aya = stay with me

oumalek 3liha = why did you have to do it / what made you do it

chehale = how much / how long

kolchi = evetything / everyone

mohim walid baghi fertek jou9a = :rofl: father wanna split/send away the crowd

diria choftha 3 andrha = dria choftha is “a girl i saw” , check the spelling for th eother word.

clear ? :slight_smile:

hada 3mou…could be ‘this is uncle’?..sometimes i hear ppl say ‘3mo’ as a cute way to say ‘3m’ or 3mi’?? not sure??

What you said is right, i’m just not sure if that is the word or not :hap: cuz it should be “3ammo”