Help with english to moroccan darija to surprise a friend :)

Hi! If it’s possible I have afew english to moroccan darija requests! A friend is going through a really rough time and I would love to make him smile as I am trying to learn a little darija for him so this would be a big help!

  • I care about you
  • You mean a lot to me
  • I’m so lucky to know you
  • I’m proud of you
  • Have a great day

Thank you kindly! <3

  • I care about you== kayhmni amrek bzaf
  • You mean a lot to me== rak 3ndi 3ziz ou ghali
  • I’m so lucky to know you== 3endi zher hitach 3rfetek
  • I’m proud of you== tbarklah 3liik
  • Have a great day== nharek mbrouk

I’m proud of you == Ana fakhour bik