Help with a message in Darija


I am new to the forum. I would like to ask for help with a translation of a message. I have a very basic understanding of Darija but would like to start to recognize written language. Thanks!

A) ki b9a khatrak? Ibaraka fi rassak, lah yarahmo wi ghfar lih o lah yassabarkoum.
B) amine, ma mcha m3ak bass. meskin kan t3abbed b l alam fel ayam l akhira. lmout ra7mo.

A) oui, aslan li mat rah ti yartah ghir lfra9 li s3ib. lah yassabrkoum.

A = How is your mood? wish him mercy, be patient please.
B = amen, poor him he was suffering too much pain in his last days.
A = Yes, He is now comfortable I believe, but losing him is painful, may god help you pass these difficult times.

Thank you so much, Marouane! By the way love your name spelled that way. Anyway, I speak English and Spanish proficient if I can be of help. Love Morocco!

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Okay, I was a bit confused. :slight_smile:

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Thank you Alexa, I like your name too! Love Spain.