help with a Fnaire song

hi! i tried to read the intro of the song " 3az l khil mrabetha"

here are few lines…could you help me with the translation?

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3az l khil mrabetha ou n9oulha belsani
tha9afa bladi nSounha au nkhddamha mn tani
9oumua ymgharba yalli hrar b tha9afatkum mn koul dar

(i’m not 100% about translitteration of some words though.)

shukran likum kamlin

Do you want translation ? or you’re just asking if what you’ve written is right ?
because it’s right :slight_smile:

oh thanks Paperbird… i need the translation :smiley:

The best of the horses “mrabetha” , (i know the meaning of the word, but in this contest, couldn’t figure it out.)
The culture of my homeland, i protect it & practise it again.
Stand up you free Moroccans! with your culture from every house.

thank you very much Paperbird :smiley: very interesting lyrics “mrabetha” sounds like a verb to me (with the ending -ha referring to something feminine)

Nope it’s not a verbe, it’s a noun & the “ha” is to relate the word to the horses.
“Mrabet” is plural for “marbet” = The thread or the wire with which you ride the horse & control it.

According to the contest, it also might refer to the men who ride.
Mrabet also can mean “set/establish & get ready”

Generaly: every word formed with R.B.T has sth to do with “ties” / “connections” / “unit”

The capital Rabat is actually “ribat” & it literally & historically means the place where people were “mrabtin” (gathered, united & getting ready) <— They were known as “moorabitin” & they’re one of the folks who worked on spreading Islam in Morocco after it was brought from the Midle-East.
The movement & its name were inspired from the Qur’anic verse that its contest clearly included the verb “Rabito” in the form of an order.

“ya ayuha 'lladina amanu, isbiro wa sabiro wa “rabito” wa 'tta9o 'llaha la3allakum tofli7oon”
“O those who have believed, be patient & be ready & fear Allah so you can succeed” <— simplified translation.

I hope this was useful :^^:

d’oh! little mistake :oops: and yes thanks…a lot! it’s a very interesting topic about the root RBT and Rabat… i found this historical hint very useful also for my Moroccan growing culture… :smiley: