help translation

Can you please try to translate this for me. thanks

mada taf3al laan lioum
ba3d ma kalamtni waktar fsoalk imta bagak tji
elli skharti mano kan sahih robama chhar 6 karib
an la taf3al chi3
li ijik fih itisal
ano tsnitk lioum tdkhol
ank ma gatkhdamch lioum
min tabgi tkata3 lbiye

And then does someone know what the word “lam” means. It is like “not”?

this is a cocktail of dialects

lam in Modern Standard Arabic is the negation of past tense verbs…

anybody correct me if i’m wrong.

thank you LallaAicha for the information about “lam” but it seems nobody else can help me with the other lines :frowning:

anyway …does someone know if the correct translation for "mansitich kinsiti… " is “you didnt forget but you forgot… instead” or “you didnt forget as you even didnt forget…”

not 2 sure whats going on here buttttt

what r u doing today
after you have talked to me and more so i ask you when to you wanna come
who told u that (??) was right maybe the coming month 6 (june)
i aint doing nothing
i will wait for the day you come
im not gonna work today
who do u want 2 buy the ticket

thats just my guess bro