help translation from darija to english

I just got a mail from a friend, where he writes the following:
“massalkhir okhti”
could someone please translate me what it means.
Thanks you very much!

hi Zwina

well… it means Good evening, my sister

I hope guys will fix it if I m wrong :wink:

nope, it’s correct, it’s just not pure Moroccan darija, it’s a mixed fos7a with oriental slang

in fos7a it’s masa2 al khayr (ya) oukhti, this guy who wrote your message is obviously Moroccan coz he changed the khayr to khir and u or ou to just o and joined all the letters of masa2 al khayr

that’s my observation madam

massalkhir could be saudi … but since he used the double S … i bet he is moroccan :smiley: just tryin to be cool

what would you know about saudi talk, pahleeeeaze

more than u know :stuck_out_tongue: … kurd




ur welcome


welahi billah :stuck_out_tongue:

waha9 rrab?

wa79 mn ba3ata mo7ammad



w abu dawud

wa termidiy