Help translating:)

Trying to understand this paragraph.

Wach a simo mzn
Walah a khouya ghi mghayer tnako liya lwra9 makharjat liya ta wer9a w khassni nt7arek lvisa rabha ma renouvlahach lwalid tahowa stressani 3yit kanhder m3ah tigoul liya tnin ghanssifet lik flouss 9ete3 o ji tal lkhedma mab9itch kanmchi liha gha dar o tel m3a lhaj lmohim a khouya simo bla manbarztek ana khassni chwiyat lwe9tila Kan chi 7al ra ndirou tawil makanch a 3chiri ra ndouz ngoul lik besslama 9bel kanmchi
Gol lsimo lakor layhafdek hadchi Bach bla mayb9a y3ayet o golih tnin ghayssiftou liya dar o nssifet lih dik lamana Li binatna

Thanks again.

Hey there Simo (Is a Moroccan name) are u okay?
I swear my bro I was frustrated due to my papers not getting done & I didn’t get any new ones also the visa is not out yet because my father didn’t renew it, I am so stressed man I’m tired of talking to him he said that Monday he’ll send me the money so I can come back (maybe his own home). I stopped going to work I am just saying at home and talking with Lhaj ( we say ‘lhaj’ to anyone who visited Mecca, especially old people) My brother Simo I won’t bother you anymore I need some time If there’s any solution I’ll jump into it If there’s none I’ll come visit you to say goodbye before parting.
Tell Other Simo the same thing so he’ll stop calling and tell him Monday my family will send me money & I’ll send him the money he owes me.

I hope this helps