Help! Small translations, in hurry please

Solved problem thanks !!

watch out for this, it contains some +18 language…

Sir drbha btkifita wb3ed mnni
== go and beat your meat(masterbate), and leave me alone
Mhm akhuti hta ana makan7taflch bl Valentine’s
==okay guys, for me i don’t celebrate valentine’s day

Fin chinwa==where china

Mzl kayna== it’s still exist

9ltlha zb la 7taflna bl Valentine’s
== i told her valentine’s day my ass
Ach chriti liha
==what did you bought for her
== i didn’t buy shit
== and her
Azb nssit hta fekroni
== dick head i forget, till they reminded me
9altli chi haja ghalia wsf
==she told me something pricey, that’s all…

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Thank you so much!! That’s really helpful. Have a good day!