HELP PLZ !! (its about football)

ok i was watching tonights match against algeria (and what a disapointment it was) but then it got me talking with some friends about the moroccan football team, and i was saying that the best team we had was when we had the likes of brazi, saber, naybet, hadji, chiba, chippo, hadda, basir etc etc…

so then it got me thinking about this song about the team (the old one) and it goes through all the players names, but none of my friends remember it

so please does anyone remember the song im talking about ? if you do please reply to this post, and it would be a great help if someone could post a link to its video or even give me the name of the song and who sang it :slight_smile:

thank youuuuu

Oh yesssss, the France 98 guys…what good days were those…
but i don’t remember hearing of such a song ! sorry

nta gha dayez hhhhhhhhhhhhh