help please

hello to all
i have a problem cause i want to surprise my boyfriend with a sweet good night sms…

something like:

hello my love i just want to tell you how much i love you and u can be sure
im always thinking of you.i miss you like crazy.have a good night and sweet dreams.kiss you

Hmmm… Let’s see… I am not usually comfortable with love messages translations :^^:. But we can do it for once…

Ssalam 7obbi. Ghir bghit ngoul lik sh7al kanbghik w khassk tkoun mt2akkd annani dima kanfkkr fik. Tw77shtk bzzaf. Tsb7 3la khir, w a7lam sa3ida. Bousa.


shukran bzzâf u see i asked…:^^:
and be sure i will do more…:ok:

hmm I have to save this too, you never know it could be usefull some day :hap:

Hi FataMorgana :^^:
I was searching for those sms but i couldn´t find it so i decided to ask for translation…I always send sms to my love…i can´t go through day without it i´m sure i will ask for more soon…
have a nice day