Help Please!!! I want to tell him this!

Please Help me! xD How do I say this? (I’m a girl, and the person I want to say these things to is a guy) THANK YOU !!!:

"I just want to tell you something, but before I couldn’t say this because I want you to “hear” it in darija, because this comes from my heart and I want you to take it by heart as well.
I’m proud of you and I admire you from the bottom of my heart. I want you to know this… No one and I really mean NO ONE can provoke me to stop fighting for you. "

ana bagha n9oulek chi 7aja, mn 9bel makontch n9ed n9oulhalk la79ach bghitk tsme3ha b darija, la79ach hadchi kharej mn 9elbi w bghito ywsel l 9elbk .
ana mftakhra bik w mo3jaba bik mn kol 9elbi . bghitk t3rf hadchi … 7ta wa7d je dis bien 7ta wa7d may9d yw9efni ndabz 3lik .

Thank you sooo soo much! I wish I could do you a favor as well.