Help Me Please!!)))) little translation pls))))

  1. Ila khefti tkheli … Bou7edhaa Jibhaa m3aak.
  2. ach jab … lhedra. wa siri te9ray bach tfer7ina b chi no9ta zwina b7alek.

Thanks very much!!!)))))))))))))))))))))))))))):^^:

  1. If you’re scared to leave her alone, bring it with you.
  2. What … has to do with it now !! go study to make us happy with a good mark like you. (good/beautiful like you)

Paperbird. thank you very much!!)))):^^:

and Still 1 offer plzzzzzzz))))))
maghanjich 7it 3andi mandir hna
and 2 words: sewelteek, Mab9itch …

im not coming coz i have thing to do here

seweltek = i asked u

mab9itch = im not … anymore

Madridista thanks)))