HELP ME IN LONDON!!!! What is the name of THAT song!!!


“way oh way” is not enough

Try uploading to youtube & post a link here (recommanded), or e-mail me to :

hi, ok this is the youtube link to my cam video in the club. Not good quality but you shold make out the song

That’s not Moroccan !!
That’s a french song “Désolé” by French rap group “Sexion d’assaut”, it was a hit in Morocco last summer.


Thats the one!!!
Thanks thats great - people still going wild over that song!

There was another one…
it was like a traditional one - it went “eshkedir eshkedir”
someone there told me it meant ‘why’?
always played that to end the night

eshkedir in darija means “what are you doing”, i don’t know if it means “why” in another accent.
i didn’t recognize the song

maybe it is that because when i asked someone they said it means ‘why’ though they may have meant ‘what are you doing’

do you know of any song called this, it keeps saying ‘eshkedir eshkedit’ <<< maybe pronounced wrong but something like that

thanks for all your help mate