Help in translation needed

Salam 3likoum to everyone! Machallah! This’s a great page indeed for those who’re interested in studying Darija:)

I’ve just readed the post by Rose created on 4th of November: she needed the following “text” to be translated:
kont radi ntair belferha

had nhar rzal meli sme3t sotek f telefon twchechek wtwehcht nchoufek khasna chi nhr labouda ntchawfo 3mri wala twehecht chi wahed kif twehechtek hna kan khasna ga3 mantfarkouch mohim mazal machi trotar. mat3ref chnou f elmouktab?

As far as I get it: in this context the author is a man writing to a woman. Could you pls help me in changing this very text in such a way that it was directed to a man?! I would really appreciate your help.

Bsallama and have a nice day!

Wa 3alaykom ssalâm. Welcome to the forum, Amira. Come and drop a line about you in the new comers forum :).

I can change the text to be addressed to a man, but do you REALLY mean the same things that are said in the message? Do you want to tell the guy that “your separation should never have happened, and it’s not too late anyways”. Insinuating that “no one knows what destiny hides”. To my understanding, Rose’s messages are exchanged between old friends, who both got married, but who got in contact with each other and kind of want more than just contact.
I just want to make sure that’s what you want your message to sound like before changing it for you. Otherwise, just write your message in English, and I can’t translate it for you.

Msa7 el kheir:)

SM, I’m really grateful to you for such a prompt reply and I also thank you for doing such a great job by opening the doors of your fascinating and amazing culture/religion which is inevitably reflected in the language, the majority of the users of this page want to learn so badly.:okay:

I have been a constant “reader” of the forum for quite a time till I decided to become a member. And I really enjoyed every minute I spend reading users’ requests, your witty comments and the friendly atmosphere which is felt in this “spot”. Thank you and due to my previous translation request, that may sound incredible but the content of Rose’s message reflects 100% my own situation… allthough the context is probably different.

Basically what I would like to say is the following:

This day unexpectedly has become so special at the moment I heard your voice over the phone. I miss you every second I spend without you… you’re like an air for me… I need you by my side; I miss to talk to you as we used to. I don’t want to believe that we were supposed to break up and never see each other again. I just want you to know that the problem was in me: I had so much to tell you but I couldn’t share it with you because of doubts, fear, pride …

It was the wrong end for a beautiful story. But maybe it’s not too late: who knows what expects us in future and what our destiny is?!

Just Allah knows the answer and I hope that the time will put everything in its place. Please don’t disappear from my life! Stay - even though as a friend.

Thank you in advance,

Amira, just by reading the first line, that made me smile :).

You know what that little extra 7 did to your “good evening”? It made it become “wipe wealth”. :smiley:
Don’t worry, I know what you meant. I just thought I’d warn you for your future uses of the expression.

Thank you for your kindness. I am glad you registered to the forum and are posting :). It’s nice to read other people’s posts, but it’s even better to have a say in the discussions.

Let me translate your message for you:

Had nnhar wlla zwin bzzaf mlli sm3t soutk f telephone. Kantw77shk f kolla taniya kandwwzha m3ak… nta bnnsba liyya b7al lhwa lli kantnffso… Ana m7tajak tkoun m3aya. Tw77sht nhdr m3ak kima knna kandiro. Ma nqdrsh nstaw3b bi2annaho khassna ntfarqo w ma nbqawsh nshofo b3diyyatna. Ghir bghitk t3rf bi2anna lmoshkila kant fiyya ana. Kan 3ndi bzzaf ma ngoul lik, walakin ma qdrtsh… imkn bsbab shokouk dyali, lkhouf, lkibriya2…
Hadik kant nihaya ghalta lqissa zwina. Walakin imken ila mazal ma fat lfout. Shkoun 3arf ashno mkhbbi lina ghdda washno mktab?
Allah bo7do lli 3arf. Kantmnna kolla 7aja trj3 blasteha m3a lwqt. 3afak ma tghibsh mn 7yati. Bqa, wakha kasadiq.


SM, thank you so much for your eagerness to help and help itself :slight_smile:

lol… Thx a lot… :slight_smile: I’ll keep it in mind in order not to wish “wipe wealth” to the people I’m greeting:)
Baraka Allahu fik!

Un abrazo,

“Wipe wealth” was an odd translation, by the way!
Don’t become a silent reader again, let us see you in the forum :).