Help in translation needed please

Culd someone tranlste this for me? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

zuina hit bent mha o babaha o ma taourirt lah yjibak 3la hir

zuina hit bent mha o babaha : she is beautiful because it is the daughter of his father and mother

i am sorry but i don´t know what “taourirt” meaning, nd “lah yejibak 3la hir”, i don´t find u the exact traducion, but i think it mean : "have a nice trip! “”

taourirt is a name of a town in morroco. thanks for translation :slight_smile:

for the same person u used SHE, IT and HIS
ur talkin about an alien or what ??

PS- plz guys always wait for a confirmation from a darija-speaker for the translations of this member , i know her in person and her darija sux

w yeeeh w mosiba 3de choft cheno 3melt … :P, j croi k kan ba9i fiya n3as dikchi lache …lol

madridista, the important that she understand me,