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Hi there everyone!

:blink: can someome help me to translate this:

My moroccan adventure has been a joyful delight. Even though, this is all new to me, I enjoyed every bit of it, especially, the great people I have met. To love, laugh and learn among you has been a time I will always remember. May God bless our friendship!

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Lomghamara lmghribiyya dyali kant zwina bzzaf. Wakha had shi kollo jdid 3liyya, walakin 3jbni kol shi, khosôsan nnas lwâ3rin lli tlaqit bihom. 7bbit w d7kt w t3llmt binatkom, w had shi ma 3mmrni ma nensah. Allah ykhllina dima s7ab.

= My Moroccan adventure was very nice. Even though this is all new to me, I liked everything, especially the cool people I have met. I loved, laughed and learned among you, and that’s something I will never forget. May God keep us always friends.

I hope that it sounds like you want it.

:^^: Thank you so much!! It sounds great! I appreciate it soo much! I am excited to continue learning this beautiful language, now i know its possible with great help from you guys.! Thank you again.

You’re welcome :).
Don’t forget to work on the exercises too, and share your experiences in Morocco. I am sure many others would like to read about them :).

I would appreciate help with more lines, please. Thank You.

Building meaningful friendships is always a blessing. I believe happiness is a gift from God.

Maybe, instead of fearing the painful day of departure we can be grateful for the time we have now and enjoy it.

Being here all together is the only sure thing we have, tomorow is only an unsure fear.

Fearless women discover that real friendships are worthy to be pursued always. Many obstacles can threaten it along the way but loyalty will help to overcome them all.

Sharing a cup of tea with you has become an honest delight! It has become my best moment of the day.

Such sentences that are not used in the day-to-day life are better written in MSA (Modern Standard Arabic).
If I translate these into Darija, I’ll have to change the whole structure.
What do you prefer?

Well, now I see why my teacher has a hard time with me… :unsure: …

In that case, I would definitly appreciate the restructuring of my sentences. Now I wonder how will I learn to structure them on my own according to the way its done here… :blink:…

shukran bezzaf, alela.

Hi Journey :slight_smile:

Ssa3âda hadiyya mn Allah.
Happiness is a gift from God.

Badal ma nkhâfô mn lfrâq, khâSSnâ n7mdo Allah 3lâ lwqt llî 3ndnâ dâbâ w ntmtt3ô bîh.

Instead of fearing separation, we should thank God for the time we have now and enjoy it.

Lwqt lli kangls fîh m3âk bâsh nshrbô atây wllâ a7san wqt 3ndî f nnhâr.
The time during which I sit with you to drink tea has become my best time of the day.

I hope this helps.

tbarkellah 3lik a simplymoroccan, amazing translation

Thank you, MarocRulz :).

I am extremly grateful!! Shukran bezzaf! !!!

Your welcome