help! can you translate this ?

rani berrani ?
meshi berran ya 3lik ?
7arra ?
mejli wahdani?
3andek tghoer?

MSAL SELL ? <— not clear, check spelling.
rani berrani ? = i’m an outsider/stranger (don’t belong here)
meshi berran ya 3lik ? (i’m not stranger for you)
7arra ? = hot, hard
mejli wahdani? = cast away & alone/lonely
3andek tghoer? <— not clear…
hemni? = concerns me <-- (not sure)

i think mselsel are those tv series…

I thought of the first word as mosalsal too, but I doubt it.

As for 7arra, let me precise that hot here is in the sense of very spicy. You wouldn’t tell a girl “nti 7arra” meaning that she is hot. That would actually mean that she is tough, or hard. Doesn’t sound good anyway.