Help a confused beginner

Sbah anourrrrrrr …koulchi labas alhbiba…twahachtak

English translation? ou une traductiion francaise??? peu importe la langue

Thanks in advance, merci d’avance


Sure :slight_smile:

Sbah anourrrrrrr = Good morniiiiiiiiiiiiing [For you to see what the person typed so many r’s]

koulchi labas alhbiba = Everything is fine, sweetheart.

twahachtak = I miss(ed) you.

Thanks so much administrator! I had just about figured out some of the words. Is there an easier pay of looking up words on the internet? At the moment I am googling everthing to see if there are any relevant hits. There seems to be so many different ways of saying the same thing! plus different spellings…

Good morning- Sabah al khair, ?ba? el-khir, sbah anour…

You’re welcome, and call me SimplyMoroccan, or SM if you like to make it shorter :).

There aren’t many resources for Darija online for the moment, and when you compare different websites, you notice different transcription indeed. The best thing is to learn the Arabic alphabet and spell words in their original script. Otherwise, you end up with so many different spellings, that just add more confusion to begginers’ minds.

That is true!
I had so much difficulties reading Arabic in latin characters at first. And don’t worry TT2007, learning the Arabic alphabet is not as hard as people might say :^^:

I have another one…only if someone has time- it isn’t urgent-
al 3roubi…al mhanssar…had lplassa…3ssarti fiha nass diyal haytak ka t9ahwa nta ou mounir…bach tss9iw 3winatek hda lyautey…

NIAG c les chit du Niagara…hahaha
badaoui fi parize

al 3roubi - Either someone from an Arabic countryside, or somehow someone old fashioned.

al mhanssar - Not sure about this word, some kind of insult?

had lplassa - this place.

3ssarti fiha nass diyal haytak ka t9ahwa nta ou mounir - you “squeezed” (spent) half of your life in it with Mounir, sipping coffees.

bach tss9iw 3winatek hda lyautey. - Pour arroser vos yeux à côté de Lyautey.
Lyautey is a place, maybe a hotel.
Arroser les yeux est une manière de parler, c-à-d regarder les gens qui passent.

NIAG c les chit du Niagara - Not sure.

badaoui fi parize - Un villageois à Paris. C’est une expression que se dit d’une personne qui est exposée à un niveau de civilisation/vie auquel elle n’est pas habituée.

I hope this helps :).