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Bismillahir Rhmanir Rahim " La ilaha illallahu wala na’budu llla iyyahu , Mukhlisina lahuddia walaw karihal Mushrikun !!!

bismillah rra7man rra7im

the meaning is basically the same as what i have here bolded. the meaning or usage of this phrase could be just something someone says in response to a comment as well (like as a saying) not always necessarily used for 3id time.


The takbirat of Eid

The days of Hajj are special days of the year, and the Sacred Law has legislated a special form of rememberance (dhikr) during some of these days, called takbirat. These takbirat are:

Allahu akbaru Llahu akbaru Llahu akbar; La ilaha illa Llah; Wa Llahu akbaru Llahu akbar; Wa lillahi Lhamd

(Allah is the greatest; Allah is the greatest; there is no god but Allah; Allah is the greatest; Allah is the greatest; and to Allah belongs all praise.)

Based on the practice of the Companions and the early Muslims (salaf), Imam Shafi`i (Allah be pleased with him) held that it is praiseworthy to also add the following:

Allahu akbaru kabira; Wa Lhamdu lillahi kathira; Wa subhanallahi bukratan wa aseela; La ilaha illa Llah; [b]Wa la nabudu illa iyyahu mukhlisina lahu Ddina wa law kariha Lkafirun[/b]; La ilaha illa Llahu wahdah; Sadaqa wadah; Wa nasara abdah; Wa aazza jundahu wa hazama Lahzaba wahdah; La ilaha illa Llahu wa Llahu akbar

(Allah is truly the greatest; much praise be to Allah; Allah be glorified in the morning and the evening; there is no god but Allah; we worship none but Him, making our religion sincerely His even if the disbelievers may detest it; there is no god but Allah alone; He has fulfilled His promise, aided His slave, honoured His army, and He alone has destroyed the groups [h: of disbelievers who collaborated to extinguish Islam in the time of the Prophet]; there is no god but Allah; Allah is the greatest)


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