Hello old and new SM members!

I miss this forummmm soooo much

I m glad to see lots of new members joining SM!! so i welcome u all and i guarantee u will like this site!

i was an active member when this forum had only a few members :P, then with university work and projects and assignments i dont have the time to log in

so , i want to like to get to know more about the newbies that are making this site a better place :smiley:

ill try to log n from time to time to keep in touch! keep it up guys! this site had improved from the last time i logged in! :smiley:

hope to see u guys around

and take care! :smiley:

Do i count within the newbies ? since u disapeared right after i joined few months ago :^^:

welcome back home anyway :wave:

u r boy or girl ? :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome back MarocRulz :slight_smile:

Welcome back MarocRulz =)

We’re already liking this site, it’s awesome :stuck_out_tongue: :okay:

Have a good one & tc ;D

thnk u paperbird

Madridista: im a girl :slight_smile:

thnk u gretchen

nice to get to know u guys :smiley:

see you around

yesss!!! MarocRulz Rulez!

awwww thnk uuuu thats soo sweeeetttt!!

btw tell me more about u

ach bgheiti t3arifi?

i created this topic to get to know the newbies and other members :), so this goes to everyone!! :smiley:

so just tell me bout yourself… like m/f where u from? how did u find this site…u know…ghir hder a khay:D

hhhhh a bit like asl

welcome back MR :smiley: :smiley:

Thnk u lalla Aichaaaa i missss uuuuuuuuuuu!! :smiley: , btw do u see Simply mooroccan around?

Looool you’re welcome!!

regarding SM, she doesn’t come around anymore, maybe if you wanna know where she’s at, email her :smiley: she’ll appreciate that!

Ya ill try emailing her , she doesnt come online anymore :frowning:

she’ll be happy you enquired about her :wink:


7der wakha yakhti…daba 3rftini khouk, wana daba writing from amrika lrifia lmouta7ida…the country :)…i used 2 read the blog of new moroccan words, i thought the entries were so cute and perfectly explained…i thought SM was the cooooolest…then she had this site…and i KNEW she was the coolest…wintia yak maghribia?

za3ma a/s/l … you don’t know it? its mostly american-internet talk.

yep puuuuure moroccan

ahhh i just looked it up…sorry this is the only internet site i really use for messaging or anything…so do i have 2 put down my age sex location?? 24 3am.

u dont have to if u dont want to :slight_smile: