Hello everyone

Hello everyone, sorry i havent signed in in awhile. I was looking at the vocabulary part of this site and there are some things i just cant understand. Like what do the numbers in a word stand for or the sound they make? Also, what is a moon letter and a sun letter. And there are so many others things i cant grasp just by reading. So i guess ill just ask when i get to them. Guess i have bad comprehension these days.
Nice to be on again, thanks, sweetcitywife
Bsalama, Basaha

Hi sweetcitywife, i moved your topic here so you can get the neccessary help

The numbers in words all represent a sound each.

3 = a gutteral glottal stop
7 = a pharyngeal “H” sound
5 = “KH” together
6 = a stronger “T”

and if there are any more that you’d like to know about, which i might have forgotten to include, just ask :slight_smile:

Regarding the moon and sun letters, I comprehend it myself but i can’t explain it effectively, i hope someone else can do that for you

Thanks for your help LallaAïcha, but what does a gutteral glottal stop sound like?
If i think of anything i will definetly ask you.
Thanks again, sweetcitywife

Okay, here is a short video with the arabic alphabet in audio, and you can find 3 at 0:30, you’ll notice that 3 is the mirrored version of the actual letter, arabic speakers choose numbers when transcribing that look like the letter they’re articulating, if there is no equivalent in the latin alphabet of course.