Having a hard time with the words...

Hello all! I found this website early today and I think I will be visiting often; however, I am having a hard time allready. I like that you all can translate words or sentences but I am having a difficult time with the pronounciation given that some words have numbers in them. For ex: I can say “lhamduAllah” but when spelt correctly, I know there is a number in there so it throws me off. Is there anyway that words can be spelt phonetically, for us beginners??

i try to help you…:unsure:

al 7amdoulillah ------> al (as in the name Albert)

                   ------>  [i]7am[/i] (7 pronunced as in the word [b][u]h[/u]old up[/b] or the word [b]ham[/b] as in [b][u]ham[/u]burger[/b]) 

                   ------>   [i]dou[/i]  as in the verb to [b]do[/b]

                  ------>   [i]li[/i]  as in the word [b][i]li[/i]ttle[/b]

                 ------>   [i]llah[/i] the [b]h[/b] is pronunced as in the words [b][i]h[/i]ome[/b]  ----> do you understand?:unsure:

i hope that you understood what i am trying to explain to you…:hm:

May I add that the 2 “L” of “llah” must be pronounced individually like in “hello” :slight_smile:

More informations here

Thank you, that does clear it up a little. I know when my husband makes lists, sometimes he writes in total arabic or he’ll write out workds in letter form with some words/numbers mixed in…Whew!!! I am really impressed by all this…