Have you ever...?

You answer the posted question, and you ask a question starting also with a “have you ever…?”.
This is awkward, but I have a feeling of deja vu. I wonder if I already started a topic like this before and that the search box couldn’t get for me :hap:.

Anyways, first question:
Have you ever tried Chinese food?

Not yet.

Have you ever seen a falling star ?
Oh me, yes I did :smiley:

@SimplyMoroccan : Chinese food like cockroach? No buuuu3999
@Devanymix : yep :smiley: lot

Have you ever Lost you National ID Card?
me 3 times, but i found it in the last one :smiley:

eeuhgr, cockroach :blink: I didn’t know chinese ate this… I saw some in Thailand, but I told myself it would be the last thing I’d eat. I ate a grasshopper though; it was not to bad.

Mumm, we don’t have national ID Card here, but we have more or less some equivalents. I lost (or rather forgot) my purse and/or my jacket with all my cards at least to times in the past. So far, I’ve been lucky. Either the person who found it called me back, or I remembered and went back to get it.

Have you ever slept in class?

I guess that they eat them in China too :unsure:. Just the thought makes my stomach go upside down…

Anyways… Sleeping in class? Oh no, never! Sometimes when my sleeping at night wasn’t enough, I’d feel sleepy during the first class in the afternoon, and feel my head heavy and write notes in a strange position. And I would be ashamed - especially sitting in the very front seats - when I realize that my eyes are half-closed :D.

Have you ever riden a camel?

yes :slight_smile:

have u ever tried camel milk?

I have never tried Camel’s milk and never ridden any animal in my life, i fear to fall !!

Have you ever slept 24 hours?
I did 0_o (from the evening of a day to the other evening !!!)


have u ever tried Indian food?

Yep! And it’s so good!

Have you ever been in the desert?

yes, i’ve been to Merzouga.
it was one of amazing experiences, especially at night.
i was looking for le petit prince in Saint-Exupéry’s world in there. hh^^

i love chinese food.
there is a saying that chinese ppl eat all the things that have 4 legs except desk something.^^
i know that can’t judge others’ food culture as a way of life n survival.
but can’t imagine my eating cockroach something so far>.<

never seen a falling a star n never lost my national ID card^^

yes, SimplyMoroccan. the first class after lunch, besides in summer>.< it drove me crazy sometimes.

i like camel and even feel respectful. it seems to know what the life is
and looks like Confucius in the desert. hh
for me, i was very uncomfortable on its hump, anyway.

and camel milk tasted sour for me^^

sleep for 24 hrs? wow, how could you do that, devanymix???^^

i love Indian food as well~

Have you ever kept silent with your feelings of him/her?^^

@flower hues : Let’s say, I was very tired that’s why, and no one can wake me up if I really wanna sleep hehehe but believe me that was so fast for me, when I woke up, my brother told me that I am not gonna sleep, but I just ate dinner and I slept again

I have never tried Indian food, I had the opportunity, but I didnt try :neu:
Kept silent?? Yeah, because I don’t have feelings :open_mouth:

Have you ever forgot to ask this question?
Yes I did :stuck_out_tongue:

Not yet - at least in this discussion.

Have you ever milk a cow?
I did milk many cows

No never, how did you milk them? I mean tell us the story.

Have you ever bought something using the Net?

No, I like the “traditionnal shoping”

Our family has a milk farm and I used to work there… I milked the cows using milking machines similar to those:

We had almost 100 cows to milk twice a day. I could get 8 at the same time.
But what I prefer was to work outside in the fields.

I was thinking that you milk them without machines, you know with your hands.

uhmm no :d
have u ever been in love with 2 ppl at the same time?

Oh Yes I Have And Still Dont Know How To Express My Feelings Its So Hard But Anyways One Day I’ll Try…

Have You Ever Try Spanish Food??

Puerto Ricoooooooooooooooooooo Wepa!!! Boricua 100%

No, but I’d love to :).

Have you ever been to Egypt?

no i have not. But i 'd like it.

have you ever gone deep-sea diving?