Have You Ever Won Somthing?

“It’s always others that win”, would think most people.
But before talking about winning, let’s be specific: It’s winning a prize in some competition.
I don’t think that getting a prize from school for being hard working counts :D.

So, bring it on people!

I never won anything special
I won a watch once but not a real expensive one :hm:

All what I won in my life is experience and two second places in contests. The first when I’m around 13, in a competition of “pétanque” and the last, a few years ago, playing “tarot”. Do you know these sports ? :wink:

No idea what those sports are, Onc’Kamel, but what did you win as a second place? Wâlô?

Hiba, a watch is a prize! Aww! What do you want to win? A space trip too? :smiley: We are talking about modest prizes, not necessarily expensive ones! It’s the joy of winning.

I’ll have to think about it…
Once, in a ceremony, there was a prize for anyone of the audience who got an object. I had it with me, and I won a book. :^^:

I won a watch and pen at Cisco Convention and Power Surge protector (covers money loss up to 150,000 Euro) at MGE convention. :hap:

me winning a space trip :smiley: cool that would be crazy :lol:

Moi j’ai gagné des CDs dans le tombola de Speak Moroccan l’an dernier et j’avais gagné une fois avec une célèbre marque de boisson gazeuse noire à l’emballage rouge et blanc.
Non, je ne leur ferai pas de la pub et ya 7awwet!:lol:
Quant à la pétanque, OncKamel, bien sûr que je connais. La Tunisie dispute toujours avec la France la tête du championnat du monde, bien que ce ne soit pas un sport olympique (à mes connaissances).
De plus, près de là où j’habitais à Tunis, il y avait un terrain de pétanque qui voyait arriver les joureurs du dimanche pendant l’hiver et tout le monde les matins, midis et après midis de l’été.
Par contre le Tarot, je croyais que c’était un jeu de cartes, non pas un sport!:blink:

PS: pour le tombola de SM, je me suis arrangé avec les admins pour me voir gagnant.
PPS: on rigole bien sûr!:mdr:

i do voluntary work at local charity shops and school etc
and we had a celebration event to announce how many hours everybody had done, and give certificates etc
and on the leaflet it said ‘come and you could win an iPod’ - i went, but just for my certificate, i didn’t think i would win the iPod !!
i entered and got my raffle ticket [free - they give it you at the door!!] - number 54 :slight_smile:
they called prizes and numbers out, and then for two free cinema tickets, they called out ‘54’ !! :smiley:
and THEN, they put my ticket back in the bag and for the iPod [YESSS] they called out … 54 :lol:

i also won 2nd prize for a poster about flooding and the environment
but i didn’t GET a prize for it :stuck_out_tongue:

and LOL when they called out my number for the iPod, i could hear people in the audience saying ‘AGAIN ?!?!’ - awwww poor people :frowning:

i won a PEN and a teddy once