Happy new year & blessed night

Tomorrow Inshallah will be Friday, Muharram 1st, 1431 :wave:
Best wishes to all my Muslim broters & sisters…blessed night & blessed new year inshallah…1430 years has passed since the choosen one made the blessed journey.

:clap: :hah: :za: :ma:

same to youuuuu brov :slight_smile:

i like the emotes but what on earth is the moro flag doing there hhhhh jk

Bonne anneee :slight_smile:

I wish this year will be an year of changes and success :wink:

thanks touts :slight_smile:

sana s3ida peeps inchallah next year will be better than this year and will be productive in every way :hap:

Salaaaaaam peeeepol

Happy new Hijri year to all of you, may it be a blessed one inshallah.

Do you people do anything special for the occasion? Surprisingly, in my surroundings, nothing special, no special meal, walou… just a day off…

PS: PB, new year fhamna, but why blessed night?

we did nothing special today, usual friday stuff… jum3a prayer, some qur’an and then wadi addi’ab with dinner

wadi addi’ab? why does that sound familiar?

some googling

aaaah, a Turkish series? you actually know its name in Arabic? coolies! you also watch them Turkish series being dubbed in Lebanese?

ahaaaaaa… u don’t already know that i live breathe and sleep in arabic? i watch the dubbed version on abu dhabi… like just before i was watching it & translating for my dad who calls it “disgusting street arabic” note: he studies fos7a for 5 years at university and he is appalled that he understand waloouuuu from the series, im his translator :stuck_out_tongue: even though i don’t understand everything

but the one i watch on fridays is the turkish version, ie. the updated version

btw, i also heard that the dubbing was done in lebanese/syrian but today i heard them say shlonek? is that lebanese or khaliji?

no, didn’t know about your TV watching patterns, you keep those things a secret, i don’t know why… although we’re supposed to be best friends (hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh --> this is to scare the hell out of mad)

lol @ disgusting street Arabic, 7chouma 3lik a babat 3icha… that’s like you hating verlan, can that be? now can that be?

shlonek is indeed khaliji, in Lebanese it would be kiiifék with a lot of dalaaal and ghanaj (uffff)
oh wait, shlonek is also Syrian… but I always thought the dubbing was Lebanese

Back to topic… in Tunisia, they have a special meal for the Hijri year. Shame on us in Morocco, walou meal, walou special event…

i hate writing up a long post and then looking back on it to see so many typos yikhhhh

anyway, what tunisia is doing is pretty awesome… for a change

Hint: the magical edit button.

lol yes but cbs at this stage


can’t be stuffed ie. the cleaner version of cbf

Happy new Hijri year everyone
We do nothing special too, only we were supposed to have either Thursday or Saturday off instead, but nothing happened.

Anyway, hope everyone had a great and happy year and to fulfill all of your dreams inchallah :slight_smile:

ameeeeen sista :smiley:
you have a superb year also