Happy Birthday in Moroccan?

Hi everyone!
I’m new here, but absolutely LOVE this website! :slight_smile:
Its my boyfriend’s birthday and he is Moroccan, and I would really appreciate if someone could help me to translate this into Moroccan!!!
I’d like to say:
“Happy Birthday my love! May all your dreams come true! Yours forever, Olga”

Thank you so much!!! :slight_smile:

Hallo Olga,

welcome to this forum!
I do not know what is Happy birthday in Moroccan arabic, but I remembered the same question in another forum.

I can just tell you, what I learned you say in Berber (Tishelheijd, the berberlanguage in southeastern Morocco)

Talalit tambarkit
Ass n tlalit ifulkin
Assugass ifulkin

Pheraps your boyfriende speaks/ understands Tishelheijd??

Best wishes

oops ! i thought i posted a translation here, where did it go !

ok here it is again…

happy birthday my love = 3id milad sa3id 7obbi / 7bibi
may all your dreams come true = ka ntmenna a7lamk t7a9e9
yours forever = dyalk dayman

note that we don’t have such things in Moroccan tradition, so it will sound weired, you’d better tell him that only when you’re together :wink:

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“Eid milad said habibi”