happy bday help

how can i say “happy birthday” to someone , nothing formal, its a Moroccan guy friend of mine thanks so much

i would say ou9abalak mit sana or kol lsana wanta bkheir

nooooooo thats egyptian duuuude :stuck_out_tongue:
we say joyeux annif :mdr:
or simply ‘’ 3id milad sa3id ‘’

wa rwicha… ta zegui m3ana :smiley:

rwicha 3taha lmoselsalat mesrya w tkhaltolo nwamer :smiley:

what’re u both saying?!!!

(I wonder if I really was THAT absent from darija… seems to me it has changed bzaaaaaf!!)

wsir nta rassak toi meme lli mkhalat…jyx anniv…jjjjjjjjjjj…de-colonize ur mind dude :P…khasska t9oul amulli i7lane

ok im incredibly confused, which one is it ?

u c ACH u confused our pami :stuck_out_tongue:
use 3id milad sa3id …

we r speakin here darija … and darija as u know is not only arabic words , its also french and spanish
so if i can say joyeux anniversaire to my grandma and she can understand what i mean … then u can su** it :smiley: u and ur de-colonization

lol its YOU … darija is still the same :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe i’ve changed, da ennezam etghayar msh 7atghayar ana kaman :stuck_out_tongue: … and still insisting that ur darija has changed too :stuck_out_tongue:
yalla ba2a what did u say about the egy series? I really didn’t understand, w ba3den “esmy maktoub”… so YALLAAAAA

hahahah ur right … maybe ive never talked to u in this darija hhh
actually :open_mouth: ive never talked to u in darija :S we always speak masri loll

so i said that ACH was lately watchin so many egy series and now he is confused between masri and darija

Ok I see & thanks for translating :slight_smile:

Now, yeah right u talk with me in massri almost all the time… but sometimes u use darija and I understand u then, I understand others too… Man, u know I watch 2M and understand 'bout 90% …
Are u using Meknessi??

noooo that was normal darija … maybe i was wrote it so fast and i forgot some vowels

he is using madrissi…its a very ugly and complicated dialect…its not worth learning believe me

lol at madrissi :smiley: if i understood what u’ve meant correctly, so u’re SO right :smiley:

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol at madrissi

oui 7na hena kamlin tanda7kou 3la lisan mad kayn ri lwaldiin mr et mrs. mad wal professors ibtida2i dialou qui pleurent.

hhhhhhhhhhh mali bentlk mo3wa9

chi haja

hhhhhhhhhhhh sir daba nnnnnnnn