hani 3lamtek :P

  • hani 3lamtek

  • tayb w hari

  • tickhbila

hani 3lamtek i think means ‘i warned you’ or something in that sense

thanks mimi, makes sense :slight_smile:

  • hani 3lamtek I warned you / I let you know

  • tayb w hari you mean Tayb O’Harry :^^:, literally means “cooked and easy to chew” it’s cooked chikpea
    check out this pic

  • tikchbila tiwliwla is a very famous childhood song, perhaps the word is derived from tamazight. I read somewhere that tikchbila and tiwliwla are names of a couple. Allah w 3lem

Tayb w hari is not chickpea, it’s beans… lfoul.

Tikchbila tiwliwla is indeed a children’s song referring to a specific game, mainly a girly one actually. I hoped to find a video of it, but unfortunately there is none. But to explain it in a primitive sort of way: it’s cross holding hands and turning in a circle. Go figure. Someone else can attempt to explain better.

I was expecting someone to tell you another key information about tikchbila, but let me do it myself. A joke states that on a ship, a Morocco captain had to get rid of some of the people aboard as the ship was sinking. He wanted to keep only Moroccans, and throw off board everyone else. The way he found to check people’s “Moroccanity” was to tell them individially “tikchbila”; those who responded instantly “tiwliwla” were pure Moroccans, and thus saved, as for the rest, Allah yer7amhom. So that’s a life-saving information for you. :wink:

While looking for a video to show you the tikchbila tiwliwla game, I found instead this funny video: A Moroccan tickhbila tiwliwla song with a car commercial… fitting so well:

love it Admin

Chickpea is Tayb w hari too.

&…u didn’t finish the joke, it says that a foreigner tried to imitate Moroccans & responded saying “ti…wl…w…la…”, but the captain doubted in him & said “ma 9tlooni”, the poor guy was supposed to say “ma 7yawni”, but he said tiwlilwa again…i don’t remember the rest…

thanks faltadialy, admin and PB for your explanations … i think hani 3lamtek is the only thing i will remember from this thread, the rest i will probably never ever use in my life