SINCE I LOOOOOOOOOVE HANDBAGS AND PERFUME and i feel like buying a handbag what do u guys think of these that im going to post

these are really nice, i especially like the black one you just posted!!! :slight_smile:

I love the 2nd one, totally my colour <3

same for me, second is best

I was thinking to buying the second one too :smiley: thnk u girls :wink:

have i told u before that you and i are… i have? oh okay :smiley:

cool handbags! i like the 2nd and 3rd ones best :hap:

so did you buy the 2nd one a MR? :smiley:

nope by the time i went back they were sold out :frowning: … i ended up getting a purse from GUESS

dommage :frowning: