Hajj island in SL (u can go to hajj now!)

Virtual Hajj…Amazing !!!

IslamOnline purchased a land in SecondLife, we have a Hajj island there now within dozens (or hundreds) of islands from worldwide…u can actually practise your hajj online there with others :ok:

too bad my computer doesn’t meet required hardware :cry:

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woooow i’m gonna check it out soon nchallah, seems really educational… thanks brov!!! :okay:

hahah that sounds pretty intersting !!

that’s a lovely idea!!

just a note though, it won’t be launched until December 9

yeahh I noticed that too, gotta wait

it’s actually already there… i signed up to SecondLife and i’ve done my semi-virtual-hajj, so now i’m a 7ajja :hap: respectttttt please :stuck_out_tongue:

come on u did 7ajj with a skirt hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

naaaah i wore the white ihram (?) and everything… but the weird thing is, when i came everybody left :smiley: so i did tawaf on my owwwwn

looollll duuude thats normal … when chaytan go there , muslims must leave hhhh

that’s straaaaaange coz noone said mad is coming before they left hmm

hhhhhhh no no no Mad doesnt go to hajj :smiley:
my hajj is Las vegas


7aj dial…

hhhhhhhhhhhhhh dial lwa3rin


wla dial l…in

i don’t wanna lose all my hajj rewards by swearing at you, so safi :smiley:

dude that was a virtual reward looollllll and aint even sure u did a 7ajj or 3omra …well ur not sure neither lol

looool i guess it was 3omra, coz i didnt even do the rock throwing at you… euuh i mean at shaytan :^^:

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh duuude u gotta do that in vegas hhh